Introduction to Me

Well I guess it is only fitting that my first blog is a little summary of me and my characters and what you can expect to find me writing about here.

I am 31 years old, married, and my wife and I just had our first child on Oct 24th, a baby boy. So I am a very proud papa. I work full time in a 911 emergency communications center so I enjoy my WoW time as an escape from the cruel reality of the world. Outside of playing WoW I enjoy fishing, watching the Steelers, and watching the Orioles lose more than I care to admit.

Warcraft is only the second MMORPG that I have ever seriously played. I played Eve Online from beta all the way up to the beginning of beta for WoW. I enjoyed great success in Eve and still miss all the friends I have there. I still do have an account there but rarely log in anymore except to train skills. I probably will deviate a little in my blog occasionally to throw in bits and pieces from Eve and discuss why I made the change over to WoW.

As far as my WoW career I was lucky enough to get in during the closed beta and started off playing a rogue. I played the him up to the high 40’s and a pally up into the mid 20’s. Once the servers went live I created my account and immediately leveled the rogue up to 60 almost entirely by grinding. At 60 I realized I had made a terrible mistake and almost everyone and their brother had a rogue. I was lucky enough to get into a helpful guild but after several weeks I asked to permission to reroll to a mage to better help the guild progress. The mage quickly became my main and I still use him extensively today. At the time I was a lot more naïve than I am today and for some reason I deleted the rogue. (/cry) Over the last several years I have leveled another rogue up to 70 and currently have a level 55 hunter. My main now is my level 67 Draenei Priest, Belgarath

Since I had already completed all my goals in the first part of WoW, when the expansion came out I was determined to try out a new race and a new class and since I have always wanted to heal I picked priest. I have also made a more dedicated effort to hit a lot of the quest I never did before since I was to busy grinding as fast as I could.

Right now I am working on getting the priest to 70 and than switching over to a 23 / 38 Disc / Holy build. Currently I am almost full shadow and while I have tried heavy Disc for leveling I am just not convinced it is anywhere near as close to Shadow for the speed with which you can grind out quest and mobs.

As for what I plan to blog about ….. anything that happens to hit me at the moment. My main focus I plan on concentrating on is my Priest, both the class in general and the adventures I get to have with him. Occasionally I will probably throw in some blogs about my other characters and how they are progressing, my goals in general, how much I love playing the AH to make money, and some personal interest items having to do with gaming in general and life with a wife and infant and still trying to game effectively.

Thank you very much for taking the time to visit and I hope you return often in the future to see what I have rambled on about next. Any suggestions or comments please feel free to post them here or my email address is in my “Contact Me” link on the right hand side.


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3 Comments on “Introduction to Me”

  1. Ephii Says:

    Hi Bel! Thanks for introducing yourself. Now I know who my first commenter was. xD I wanted to name my priest Polgara but it was already taken… /doublecry I love the series + David Edding. Look forward to reading your blog as well and wish you the best on the journey from 67 to 70!

  2. Belgarath Says:

    Thanks Ephii .

    I really enjoy all of David Eddings books but the Belgarath, Belgarion, Polgara, etc. part of his books will always be my favorites.


  3. Bruthah Says:

    The blog is coming along nicely! Keep up the good work, as I will look forward to reading about Belgarath’s adventures in WoW endgame. 🙂

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