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** authors note ** I apologize for not writing in the past week without even a update but between me, my wife, and our son being sick it has been a very long week.  Hopefully now that we are all feeling better I can get back on track again. 

I would like to give a shout out to one of my new found favorite sites.  Lootables.com.  I enjoy having a lot of different characters with numerous professions.  Normally when leveling a new character I take 2 gathering professions, usually either mining and skinning or herbalism and skinning.  This way I have plenty of money coming in by selling the materials on the AH while leveling and than when I either hit 70 or get close I usually switch over to the professions I really want and power level them as fast I can.  When I start leveling my new profession I like to get it to the top level as fast and as cheaply as I possibly can since you rarely make much money while leveling but at the top level you can usually make some $$$$ .   (at least that is usually my plan)

So which site do I use as my power level guide?  Well I am glad you asked that since I am going to tell you.  After doing a ton of research and wasting a lot of time looking at other guides I stumbled upon Lootables.com.  They have the most superior profession leveling guides with complete listings of materials needed and nice write up’s on both the how and why they have you leveling on certain items.  They also give a nice listing of approximately how much money you should make or lose while leveling.  (including whether it is more profitable to disenchant the item, sell it on the AH, or just vendor it)   

A couple of other good points about this site:  there profession leveling guides are not limited to just crafted professions but also include gathering and secondary professions.  They also give detailed route maps for you to follow.  Personally I went from 0 – 350 with herbalism in a couple of hours just following there guide.  Granted it was on a high 60’s level character but still it made it extremely easy to do. 

One other feature is the last few pages in the power level guide identify BoP recipes and where they drop, BoE recipes, and all reputation level recipes.  This is one of the few sites I have found that offer this in such an easy way for every profession. 

So if you are looking at starting a new profession or just want to power level to the top of one please take a look at lootables and give it a try.  From my personal stand point I do not think you will be disappointed. 

** Disclaimer ** I am in no way at all affiliated with Lootables.com.  I am merely a WoW player who found there site after trying numerous other sites and really enjoy it.

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