When in doubt…. roll a Tank ?

So after doing a lot of thinking on the subject of my last post I have decided to roll an alt that can tank. This is one of the few alts that I do not have and would like to try. After doing a metric ton of research on the different tank class’s and thinking about as a healer which class I enjoy having tanking my instance runs the most, I rolled a pally. I would like to thank the following 3 sites for all the very helpful information they provide to all types of paladins:

Banana Shoulders Blog

Ardent Defender Blog

Maintankadin Forums

Without further ado let me introduce you to Sarmation, my level 21 dwarf paladin.

Will it last, I am not really sure.  From 1 – 21 so far has been a lot of fun so it just might last for me. I mean one of the things I enjoy about playing certain class’s is being a major part of the different party’s I am in and the ability to have enough say in how the party is run. That is why I have always enjoyed playing a healer.

So add another alt to my growing list of characters. One thing I will say is that reading all the information on paladins and talking to several that I know and respect, this could very easily become a second main to my priest. This will be very nice having a tank and a healer, so that way I should always be able to find a group. That will make me a very happy person.

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