Cartographer Routes

I am not sure how many of you use or have tried Cartographer Routes but until recently I had tried it and threw it out all in the span of about 24 hours. I just could not seem to get the hang of setting up the routes and the nodes. I mean I use cartographer regularly for the zone maps and I even use the herb and mining node locations but setting up the routes just seemed beyond me…. until now : Enter the Khorium Tollbox Engineering Blog and there wonderful step by step guide to seting up this program.

I followed there instructions exactly and had everything set up and running within about 25 minutes. It has made my mining route much more efficient and in turn probably helped me make a little more gold over the last couple of days.

Thanks again to the folks at Khorium Toolbox Blog for taking the time to supply this information to the community.

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2 Comments on “Cartographer Routes”

  1. Bruthah Says:

    And just after I got comfortable with Cartographer_Routes, along comes Routes.

    I have to say I was much happier with GatherMate, Routes and FuBAR_RoutesFu than the original Cartographer_Routes. The addition of the FuBar plugin lets me switch easily between different routes in the same zone, and start and stop waypoint following.

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