New Guild Time

Well after doing a lot of soul searching about my current situation in game on my priest I decided to leave my guild and try out for another. It is not that I did not like the people in the guild it is just that as a whole they were not very helpful or involved with there members. If you asked for help with something you rarely if ever had anyone offer to help you and they were never interested in running heroics or daily instances, which I personally like to do when not raiding.

So after speaking with some of my trusted friends I decided to put in an application and speak with the leadership of a guild called Unchained Rage.  I am not real picky about progression as long as the guild is at least into Kara and willing to help and be friendly with the guild members. So after speaking with the guild leader I was invited to raid Kara with the guild last night and see if we fit each other.

On the agenda was dropping Price, Nightbane, and Netherspite which we did with very minimal problems. I was the only priest in the raid so I did feel a little extra pressure to perform well. We had one wipe due to 2 of the infernals being dropped into a bad position which gave the healers no place to move in time, but we got right back up and dropped him.

While speaking with the members during the raid I was very happy with how friendly everyone was, and while they were serious about killing boss’s they also were having fun while doing it. So long story short I accepted there invitation and I am now a proud member of  Unchained Rage.

As a side note I had 3 group quest I had been trying to complete for 2 months with my old guild, and in my first night in guild a couple of us competed all 3 of them in no time at all.

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