First Time and First Kill

Last night the guild decided to go to ZA for the first time and see if we could learn anything about the trash encounters and attempt to make it to the Bear boss and get some attempts in. 

I am proud to say that after 4 attempts Nalorakk was downed as a guild first for Unchained Rage.  It has been a long time since I have been along for any guilds first kill, last time for me was well before TBC, and if you have never been there than there is no way I can explain to you the amount of feelings that happen when you see the boss dead and hear your fellow guild members congratulating each other and just being happy.  It is a great feeling. 

As a side note I am the new proud owner of Robes of Heavenly Purpose which I am very grateful to the guild for giving to me.  I do take a little bit of a loss in the mana while casting department, but it actually improves my overall stamina, healing, and spirit once they are properly gemmed and enchanted.  At first I was a little reluctant to break my primal mooncloth set but after I saw the minimal change in mana while casting and the big increase in my stamina and spirit I was very happy.  As Matticus likes to point out:  a healer with not enough stamina is a dead healer and no matter how much healing you have it does not help when you are dead.   

Anyways grats to Unchained Rage on a great first kill and making my first days in the guild memorable. 

*** EDIT ***

Another much more experienced healer just pointed out the solution for having 2 perfect chest options, use the Robes of Heavenly purpose for all progression content when I need as much stamina as possible for learning encounters and than as we progress further use the Primal Mooncloth Set for the higher mana per 5 (especially for the timed ZA run where there is no time for extra regen).  This sounds like a perfect compromise for myself and appreciate there time in pointing this out to me. 

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One Comment on “First Time and First Kill”

  1. Matticus Says:

    That’s a pretty kickass chest piece to have around. You won’t be replacing it any time soon. Even in Black Temple, I’m still using it =).

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