Hurry Up and Wait ?

If there is one thing in real life and in WoW that I really need to work on it is my patience.  I have none.  Not even a little bit.  You see one thing I always keep in mind is that when I am in a group I am depending on the rest of them to put forth the time and effort to run the instance.  Whether there is 5, 10 or 25 members of the raid I do not want to waste there time and I do not expect them to waste mine either.  It is just common courtesy and I use it in game and in real life. 

This past week we had a couple of bad days of raiding.  We wiped several times on farm content, people were not paying attention, they were not prepared to raid, and to top it all off there was always someone going afk between pulls.  I mean use a little common sense on when to go afk.  I understand we all have lives but when you commit to raid do not waste my time waiting for you to return from an afk every few minutes or having to hearth and be summoned back since you forgot the regents that you require to do your job. 

Now that was bad enough but after clearing Kara we still had 2 hours left of raid time so we head for ZA.  Now ZA is not farm content for us and we still expect a couple of wipes along the way as we are getting used to all the pulls.  So miraculously one of the people suddenly finds something else to do while still being online and leaves us with only 9 people.  So than something interesting happened, we are 1 person short to start the raid, holding up everyone, and one of the head officers tells us he would rather PvP than raid.  WHAT?  I mean I agree with not forcing people to raid or make a certain percent of raids, but if you are online and playing your character and you could help us get started than I think you should. 

I would like to add one side note here since I am not sure who from my guild reads this blog.  We had one of our pallys have to leave early due to a family emergency and this did put us under our healer limit so we had to call the raid.  BUT this person took the time to tell the raid leader of the situation and than have to leave.  There is no problem at all with this.  Family has to come first and when there is something unexpected that happens and needs your immediate attention than by all means go.  If it was me I would too.  I just do not want that person to feel that I am speaking about them when they are not at all part of the problem.  

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