Rent the U-Haul it’s Time to Move

This past week it was time for me to make some tough decisions about my guild and if I was going to stick with them.  If you read my previous blog than you know I was disgusted last week with our raid in general and feeling like I was having my time wasted.  From a personal stand point that is one of my biggest pet peeves in this game and since I have no patience at all sometimes this makes for a bad combination. 

After my last post even though I was upset I decided that one bad week of raiding was to be expected and I should see how this week goes.  Tuesday evening I log in and get into the Kara raid, get all my raid items, and head to the stone to help summon the other 6 people who can not take the time to be at the instance we are running that night.  (Strike 1)  The previous night they had cleared the first 3 boss’s before they had to call it for the night so I was looking forward to this being a fairly quick and painless clear and getting prepared for ZA the following night.  (did I say painless ????  ) 

Instead of getting better than last week I think we had broke out all the 12 year olds to raid this night.  We had some moron who kept pinging the mini map while the raid leader was giving instructions and even after the raid leader ordered it to be stopped they still did it thru the whole fight.  (Strike 2)  This was really annoying since we had along a new member who had never been to Kara and we were trying to give them a few pointers on the run.  (they actually did really well considering everything else) 

Now the immaturity level is bad enough but than we decided that since it was not bad enough wiping 9 times we also had to have some people go to Stormwind since they needed more potions or regents or just to go sightsee around the town.  Who knows what they were doing but they were wasting my time and I was getting pissed.  (Strike 3)  I am married, work full time, have a infant child, and if I can dedicate time to raid than the other people in the raid could at least have the respect for there fellow raid members to dedicate there time also. 

Miraculously we did finally finish the clear of Kara after about 5 hours, but I knew there had to be a change.  WoW is my escape from reality and I enjoy playing it and having all the online friends, but for the past two weeks I had been ending the raid nights disgusted and grumpy. 

So I took an inventory of what I wanted to do.  Either way it was going to be a tough decision since I really liked the guild leadership and felt that I owed them for immediately bringing me on raids and giving me loot.  In the end though I knew in my heart what my decision was going to be… it was time to move on.

It also came to mind that this was a good as time as any to move servers and see if the grass really is greener on the other side.  So after much research I decided on a different realm and a different guild.  After informing my current guilds leaders and explaining my decision I transferred off the realm, ended up having to choose a different name (/cry) but am now in the process of getting established on my new realm and in my new found guild. 

Will the outcome be any different?  Who knows.  I certainly hope so.  I enjoy the challenges and friendships that are forged in raiding and I want to find a guild that I can call home.  I thought I had found it before but I was wrong, maybe this time will be different.    

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3 Comments on “Rent the U-Haul it’s Time to Move”

  1. Ephii Says:

    Aw, where are you going? I think our guild would have gladly appreciated you joining us, as we are in severe need of healers and most of us are of the working age and a lot of the guildies have families with children.

  2. dsp8101 Says:

    I ended up on the Eonar server in the Eonar Refugees Guild. If it does not work out than in 30 days I might be asking for more information on your guild. 🙂

  3. one5ive7even Says:

    I’m sure you made the right decision, when WoW doesn’t become fun it’s time to refocus and do something to get the fun back.

    Good luck with the new server, and finding a new guild that appreciates your contributions, and also fits in with your playstyle

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