Matticus Live Blogging While Raiding

Posted March 3, 2008 by dsp8101
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If you are like me and will probably never see the inside of some of the 25 man raids in WoW currently (or at least not any time soon) than you just might enjoy keeping up with Matticus’s latest blog post where he is live blogging while raiding SSC and TK.

Very nice idea and I for one am enjoying reading the updates. Hopefully this is something that other bloggers will try so we can see how different class’s see the raid progressing and there perspective of the raid.


When in doubt…. roll a Tank ?

Posted March 3, 2008 by dsp8101
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So after doing a lot of thinking on the subject of my last post I have decided to roll an alt that can tank. This is one of the few alts that I do not have and would like to try. After doing a metric ton of research on the different tank class’s and thinking about as a healer which class I enjoy having tanking my instance runs the most, I rolled a pally. I would like to thank the following 3 sites for all the very helpful information they provide to all types of paladins:

Banana Shoulders Blog

Ardent Defender Blog

Maintankadin Forums

Without further ado let me introduce you to Sarmation, my level 21 dwarf paladin.

Will it last, I am not really sure.  From 1 – 21 so far has been a lot of fun so it just might last for me. I mean one of the things I enjoy about playing certain class’s is being a major part of the different party’s I am in and the ability to have enough say in how the party is run. That is why I have always enjoyed playing a healer.

So add another alt to my growing list of characters. One thing I will say is that reading all the information on paladins and talking to several that I know and respect, this could very easily become a second main to my priest. This will be very nice having a tank and a healer, so that way I should always be able to find a group. That will make me a very happy person.

WTB: Server That NEEDS Healers

Posted March 2, 2008 by dsp8101
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I know it sounds like a joke and I am just as astonished as everyone else.  I have never heard of a server having an overabundance of healers but mine sure seems that way.  Usually there is at least 3 – 4 healers in the LFG channel posting about groups at all times.  Of course this is even more evident with the overwhelming lack of tanks in the LFG channel.  Now I am starting to wonder if I should have rolled a tank…. 

Don’t get me wrong I still love my priest and will still play it as much as possible, but patience in finding groups is not my strong point.  I despise sitting around for an hour or more with 4 people in the party and having to keep posting “LF tank” along with about 5 other groups.   

Recently I have made some tank friends that I do run with when they are on but most of the better tanks I know are in raids 90% of the time when they are on so that limits when I can ask them to help. 

Just wondering if all servers or like this or maybe I should look at a server transfer for my priest.  Right now I am just really frustrated and venting. Love

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** authors note ** I apologize for not writing in the past week without even a update but between me, my wife, and our son being sick it has been a very long week.  Hopefully now that we are all feeling better I can get back on track again. 

I would like to give a shout out to one of my new found favorite sites.  I enjoy having a lot of different characters with numerous professions.  Normally when leveling a new character I take 2 gathering professions, usually either mining and skinning or herbalism and skinning.  This way I have plenty of money coming in by selling the materials on the AH while leveling and than when I either hit 70 or get close I usually switch over to the professions I really want and power level them as fast I can.  When I start leveling my new profession I like to get it to the top level as fast and as cheaply as I possibly can since you rarely make much money while leveling but at the top level you can usually make some $$$$ .   (at least that is usually my plan)

So which site do I use as my power level guide?  Well I am glad you asked that since I am going to tell you.  After doing a ton of research and wasting a lot of time looking at other guides I stumbled upon  They have the most superior profession leveling guides with complete listings of materials needed and nice write up’s on both the how and why they have you leveling on certain items.  They also give a nice listing of approximately how much money you should make or lose while leveling.  (including whether it is more profitable to disenchant the item, sell it on the AH, or just vendor it)   

A couple of other good points about this site:  there profession leveling guides are not limited to just crafted professions but also include gathering and secondary professions.  They also give detailed route maps for you to follow.  Personally I went from 0 – 350 with herbalism in a couple of hours just following there guide.  Granted it was on a high 60’s level character but still it made it extremely easy to do. 

One other feature is the last few pages in the power level guide identify BoP recipes and where they drop, BoE recipes, and all reputation level recipes.  This is one of the few sites I have found that offer this in such an easy way for every profession. 

So if you are looking at starting a new profession or just want to power level to the top of one please take a look at lootables and give it a try.  From my personal stand point I do not think you will be disappointed. 

** Disclaimer ** I am in no way at all affiliated with  I am merely a WoW player who found there site after trying numerous other sites and really enjoy it.

Goals Update

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Well over the last several days I managed to put a big dent into my 2 week goals that I listed in this previous post .  I completed my PMC set, power leveled enchanting to 275 on Belgarath, power leveled jewelcrafting to 355 on Salmation, got mining to 375 on Qianyi, and got regular flying mount for Belgarath.  So right now my professions are: 

Belgarath – Priest – Tailoring (375) / Enchanting (275)

Salmation – Mage – Tailoring (375) / Jewelcrafting (355) 

Qianyi – Rogue – Skinning (375) / Mining (375) 

The one problem I am having is making back the money I used up while I power leveled these professions.  It actually took a lot more than I was planning on using since I did not realize just how high the prices are on the lower level items that are needed.  Plus I got “profession fever” and got tunnel vision to level and thus lost site of some of the plans I had for doing this.  While I am making back money slowly it is taking me a little while longer. 

One plus is that while grinding I did get 2 blue jewelcrafting recipes so that saved me some money. 

Ding 70 =)

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I got off from work early tonight so had some extra time to play and I finally hit 70 🙂  Now for the real fun to begin.


Short Term Goals

Posted February 7, 2008 by dsp8101
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This is more a personal check list for me than any worthwhile blog material. I am banking on the fact that it I put some of my short term goals out in the open than I will be more likely to stick with getting them accomplished.

2 week Goals
get Belgarath to 70 (02/07/08)
get Belgarath regular flying mount
drop mining on Belgarath and power level enchanting to 300. (will leave me with tailoring and enchanting)
get Belgarath 375 tailoring (355 now and leads to my next goal)
complete Primal Mooncloth Set
– complete enough of my quest at level 70 to accumulate around 2000 gold. Should give me a nice head start on my epic mount and pay back some of the cost from power leveling.
drop enchanting on Salmation and power level jewelcrafting to 350
Get Qianyi to 350 mining (at 255 now after dropping leatherworking)
replenish my bank character after the 2 power leveling sessions. I want at least 1000 gold and another 1000 gold in inventory. (this should not be a problem depending on how the power leveling sessions go)
respec Belgarath to 23 / 38 Disc / Holy so I can start actually healing instance runs.

1 month Goals

– complete a decent set of healing gear for heroics and regular runs.
– all heroic keys
– epic flying mount for Qianyi
– epic flying mount for Belgarath


– I initially was going to get Belgarath his epic first but after thinking about this since I am mainly only going to be running instance runs and have no gathering professions it will not really pay for itself. On my rogue I have skinning and mining now so I should be able to make the money back on it quicker and than get Belgarath his epic mount. At least that is my plan.

– I have really struggled with the decision to change my professions around. Especially since Salmation has 365 + enchanting. But the + Healing ring enchant is really calling to me.

– i mainly utilize the following 2 sites for help with my gearing decisions :
World of Matticus Healing Gear Suggestions

List of All + Healing Cloth Gear on WowWiki