Short Term Goals

This is more a personal check list for me than any worthwhile blog material. I am banking on the fact that it I put some of my short term goals out in the open than I will be more likely to stick with getting them accomplished.

2 week Goals
get Belgarath to 70 (02/07/08)
get Belgarath regular flying mount
drop mining on Belgarath and power level enchanting to 300. (will leave me with tailoring and enchanting)
get Belgarath 375 tailoring (355 now and leads to my next goal)
complete Primal Mooncloth Set
– complete enough of my quest at level 70 to accumulate around 2000 gold. Should give me a nice head start on my epic mount and pay back some of the cost from power leveling.
drop enchanting on Salmation and power level jewelcrafting to 350
Get Qianyi to 350 mining (at 255 now after dropping leatherworking)
replenish my bank character after the 2 power leveling sessions. I want at least 1000 gold and another 1000 gold in inventory. (this should not be a problem depending on how the power leveling sessions go)
respec Belgarath to 23 / 38 Disc / Holy so I can start actually healing instance runs.

1 month Goals

– complete a decent set of healing gear for heroics and regular runs.
– all heroic keys
– epic flying mount for Qianyi
– epic flying mount for Belgarath


– I initially was going to get Belgarath his epic first but after thinking about this since I am mainly only going to be running instance runs and have no gathering professions it will not really pay for itself. On my rogue I have skinning and mining now so I should be able to make the money back on it quicker and than get Belgarath his epic mount. At least that is my plan.

– I have really struggled with the decision to change my professions around. Especially since Salmation has 365 + enchanting. But the + Healing ring enchant is really calling to me.

– i mainly utilize the following 2 sites for help with my gearing decisions :
World of Matticus Healing Gear Suggestions

List of All + Healing Cloth Gear on WowWiki

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One Comment on “Short Term Goals”

  1. […] over the last several days I managed to put a big dent into my 2 week goals that I listed in this previous post .  I completed my PMC set, power leveled enchanting to 275 on Belgarath, power leveled […]

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