Goals Update

Well over the last several days I managed to put a big dent into my 2 week goals that I listed in this previous post .  I completed my PMC set, power leveled enchanting to 275 on Belgarath, power leveled jewelcrafting to 355 on Salmation, got mining to 375 on Qianyi, and got regular flying mount for Belgarath.  So right now my professions are: 

Belgarath – Priest – Tailoring (375) / Enchanting (275)

Salmation – Mage – Tailoring (375) / Jewelcrafting (355) 

Qianyi – Rogue – Skinning (375) / Mining (375) 

The one problem I am having is making back the money I used up while I power leveled these professions.  It actually took a lot more than I was planning on using since I did not realize just how high the prices are on the lower level items that are needed.  Plus I got “profession fever” and got tunnel vision to level and thus lost site of some of the plans I had for doing this.  While I am making back money slowly it is taking me a little while longer. 

One plus is that while grinding I did get 2 blue jewelcrafting recipes so that saved me some money. 

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